Friday, June 3, 2016

Last Night in Jamaican Paradise

This was my last full day in town, and with that came the last night.  Most of the day was rainy again, but I didn't let that keep me out of the water.  The Wild Orchid Preferred side beach has a bunch of marine life to hang out with, I had to spend more time with them.  I had lunch at my favorite Seaside Grill overlooking the water - even in the rain the ocean is so incredible.  After spending time with the fishies, I stepped out for another fantastic meal at the Mexican Cantina and topped the night at the showroom and music lounge.  I watched some traditional Jamaican dancing, Fire breathing and fire dancing, Reggae dancing and limbo with this guy that had to not have bones.  Check out the videos on my YouTube for more of all of that.  It was the best thing to do on a rainy evening.


  • I need to find out when the best time is to come back to Jamaica - this time at the Zoetry resort where everything is elevated even more!
  • June is the start of the rainy season... but that's ok - you don't get lush green gorgeousness without some rain!
  • The people of Jamaica are very friendly and very nice.  I didn't meet anyone that was otherwise.
  • I will hunt down more Reggae music - I enjoyed listening and dancing to it very much :)
  • Maybe scuba might be something I would really get into - snorkeling is so much fun and I love being in the water (minus the jellyfish, those aren't so fun)

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