Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fired up Thursday

Today I felt better, but the weather was blah all day long.  This was a rain day all day long.  I only got out twice... once to go for my 80 minute free massage and post massage hydro therapy session (Holy moly those are intense - alternate hot and cold drench sessions in a variety of ways), and again at the end of the day to do a little snorkeling and then go to dinner.  Otherwise I was in my room getting room service, talking with the girls on snapchat and watching marathon shows on DirectTV.  Not much happened today.  I did, however, join the showroom after dinner to watch the band play for awhile and then watch people compete for a free vacation in a talent show - watch my YouTube for the videos :)


  • The Italian restaurant serves a delicious Ravioli here...
  • It sure can pour here, such downpours all day

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