Saturday, May 28, 2016

Well Hellooooooo Jamaica!

Yesterday I left sunny California for even sunnier Jamaica.  I flew out of SFO and my route was to take me through Houston and then on to Montego Bay after a layover of a few hours.  Everything was going great until we got about 100 miles away from Houston.  We were rerouted to Austin because they shut down the Houston airport due to thunder and lightening storms in the area.  We were all automatically rebooked on a flight the next day at 1pm - 15 hours later.  Unfortunately, that would make me miss my connection to Montego Bay so I had to wait in line to get a new route to my destination.  After a slew of moves from one gate to another trying to catch other flights, I finally was moved successfully onto a flight to Miami the this morning at 10:30am, and then from Miami to Montego Bay - the layover in Miami juuust long enough for me to dash clear across the airport to the connecting flight gate.  I made it just in time!

Customs in Jamaica is actually a bit more organized than in the US, surprisingly.  We had over 300 people coming in at once and we got through customs in about 45 minutes.  I was very glad :)  After getting through all the steps, I then got to my driver and was off to my all inclusive destination!

I arrived at Secrets Resort and Spa right about 8pm Saturday night, almost 30 hours from when I left but it didn't matter.  I was at a beautiful resort starting my amazing vacation and it was all good from here :)  I learned that they upgraded me to the Wild Orchid side of the resort, I'm not sure how much different the rooms are compared to the St. James side, but I'll take it.  After I checked in, I got to my room and sank into my gorgeous four poster king bed for much needed sleep.

Observations from today:

  • Austin bills itself as the place for live music.  Who knew??
  • United Airlines is not really great at handling unexpected reroutes and is horribly unorganized
  • The UA rep that was in charge of bringing us cots to sleep in for the night was very entertaining how she was so animated about how utterly difficult it was to bring so many cots in for all of the people stranded for the night
  • AA airlines is on my bad list for making me pay again for luggage because of the switch due to the connection from UA to AA
  • My driver Warren is funny and made the drive to the resort super easy
  • Shelly-Ann, my concierge is very very tiny but very sweet
  • Jamaican accents vary quite a bit, but one thing is for sure - when they get going talking to each other they might as well be speaking another language - the slang is crazy!

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