Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Travel Day!

Today I ventured out of the resort and went down the island to Negril, about 4 hours away.  The drive down is slow and full of many things to see, and the area itself is definitely recommended if you are ever in the area.  In Negril, there is a 7 mile beach of super soft white sand set against the bright green-turquoise water of the Carribean.  It is breathtaking.  Along this beach are several resorts, and it's obvious the main industry here is absolutely hospitality.  The resorts range from small cottage properties with a few cottages to the huge Sandals all-inclusive resorts that take over large portions of the beach.

I went snorkeling in the sea, whisked out by an expert in a glass bottom boat and encountered a thriving reef with so many different fish out there I lost count.  I took my new cheaper version of the "go-pro" camera out with me and I hope I got some great footage.  I'll upload it to my youtube account in case you'd like to take a look :).

I enjoyed a little souvenir shopping in town, finding my ring for the trip, Larimar and crystal beauty in white gold.  Then we stopped at Ricks Cafe, a popular destination from land and sea where the locals jump off high cliffs, and tourists jump off of the shorter cliffs into the stunning green sea.  The cafe features unprecedented views of the ocean.  I enjoyed watching the dolphins playing not far from us, and watching the party catamarans sail near the cliffs and people jumping off to swim to the stairs so they can enjoy dinner on the cliffs and drinks.

Need more??? Follow this link for more pictures...

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