Monday, May 30, 2016

Hi... I'm Monday....

Today was spent in the water pretty much all day after the morning rain... I don't have many photos to share today.  The beach along both St. James and Wild Orchid is marked off for swimming and has differences depending on where you are.  Along the Wild Orchid Preferred area, there is a Getty that often holds candlelight dinners in the evening, and the feeling of being out in the water.  Toward the middle, there is a very sandy area and then an area full of sea grass.  Along the St. James area, this is popular for people to just stand in the water with their drinks and talk for hours and hours.  To the far right is the St. James Preferred side, and it is largely empty without anyone swimming in it.  Today I spent most of my time in the middle, swimming around with my snorkeling gear (minus the fins).  The water is a perfect temperature, and there were a few interesting fish and plants to check out.  It was a nice relaxing day :)

Dinner tonight was at the Seaside Grill, overlooking the pool and Ocean beyond at sunset.  It was simply stunning.  I went out into Montego Bay this evening and visited a local bar for a short while which was fun, then on to bed so that I could be up early for my travel day tomorrow!

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