Sunday, May 29, 2016

First full day in Jamaica ~ Sunday

I woke up at the glorious time of 11:46am this morning and felt oh so much better.  I slept for more than 12 hours but needed every second.  Oh how I loved not having a darn thing to do and to enjoy the day with whatever I feel like doing.  That's the single best thing about this trip :)  It rained very hard all morning, so it wasn't like I missed much by sleeping in today.  After 1pm the rain clouds went away so we were blessed with partly cloudy 80 degree weather.

My Room
I forgot to mention yesterday that they upgraded me from the room I had reserved to the next level section of the resort, with supposedly more comfy beds and better quality rooms.  Since I never actually saw the rooms on the St. James side, I cannot confirm that is true.  I can only say that my Wild Orchid room is a beautiful suite with a nice deep tub, a big two person shower, wonderful tile floors, a sitting area with a couch and a table.  The mini bar is fully stocked with water, juice and soda and did I mention free since this resort is all-inclusive???

Resort Exploring
This resort is so big, with two main sides to it - St. James and Wild Orchid.  The St. James side is a full scale resort in itself, has a pool, a luxury "Preferred" section with a full bar and food almost around the clock, as well as ocean swimming right in front.  The Wild Orchid side is the "upgraded" side, with fancier rooms, a bit fancier "Preferred" section also with a full bar and food, pool, spa and some of the rooms have a swim out pool right in front.  There are 10 restaurants, 8 bars shared between the two resorts, a shopping village, dance lounge, piano bar and both an indoor theater and an outdoor stage for concerts by the water.

I enjoyed lunch overlooking the pool and full view of the gorgeous Caribbean ocean.  The lunch itself was very nice - a nice cocktail of Vodka and pineapple, along with a jerk chicken wrap, salad bar and a few fries.  Dinner this evening was at the Jamaican restaurant "Blue Mountain", where my waiter introduced himself as "James Bond".  I cannot remember what I had for dinner, but I do remember I enjoyed some white wine - how many glasses I cannot be sure, since Mr. Bond was refilling the glass every time I was halfway done.  In any case, it was a very nice wine and dinner was good :)

Observations Today:

  • The sunsets here are phenomenal
  • All the hotel & resort staff are great at Secrets
  • Rain in the morning, beautiful lush green sunny day in the afternoon
  • This is the life :)

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