Saturday, August 29, 2015

Too Hot to Samba...

Day 2

So today we didn't even get to sleep until around 6am, so we didn't get up until 3-4ish in the afternoon.  Jared and Ashley are smokers, so they went outside first to have their first smoke of the day and came back in letting me know it was H O T outside.  It was around 94 degrees.  We took our time getting ready to go outside, and didn't go out until around 5:30-6ish in the evening.  Even at that time it was still unbearably hot in the shade.  I kept thinking after last night, this place is more and more like Vegas.

We ate at this restaurant near our apartment called "Epopy" that had original art on all the walls.  This place was featured on some travel cooking show that Ashley knew about and she was over the moon excited that the place was less than 30 steps from our apartment.  The tables and chairs in this restaurant were all old wood, so it had an old pub restaurant charm to the place.  The high ceilings were 'raw' and had pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling, while the middle partial wall was dropped in a half moon arch and painted beautiful deep red color.  On the hand-plastered white walls were beautiful original works of art for sale, something I hadn't seen in a restaurant often.  The art looked to be a combination photo/lithograph art, but my dad might differ as to the medium when he takes a peek at my photos.  We each had something different - Ashley a burger and a bowl of fries, Jared Chicken and rice with some sort of sauce, and I with a pasta dish.  It was pretty good.  We learned that in Prague, you go up to the front and pay at the register, even at nice restaurants such as this one.

After getting some food in our starving stomachs, we set out to explore the city some more.  We wandered through the streets with no particular place in mind other than to see what it was like to get lost in Prague.  Many people told us before we got here that this city was the best place to get lost in. We went up and down random little streets, following their seemingly endless winding corners and discovering interesting buildings along the way.  We stumbled upon a cool little whimsical section where in front of a hotel was a group of lit up mushroom sculptures, and across the street a man sculpture was hanging off a electricity line by his umbrella.  I took some photos of that, because you have to see it to believe it.  From the top of the little hill of the little street this is on, it is somewhat of a concerning sight until you realize the figure is not real.  We ended up near the water, and walked along it until we got to a bridge.  From this bridge you could see the famous St. Charles Bridge down the way, and an incredible view of the Prague Castle.  It was gorgeous.  We took several photos on the bridge before deciding to wander back into the city area to head back to the apartment.  We discovered a delightful dessert place along the way that had a nice cool air conditioner and we gratefully came in to enjoy some yummy dessert and coolness the place provided.  This place makes the most decadent desserts.  Ashley and Jared had a chocolate cake and coffee, and I had a creme puff with an icing that is kind of like maple icing on it and water.  The proprietor was a very nice woman who didn't speak a heck of a lot of English, but she did alright.  Again here we paid her at the register after we ate.  Seems like there is a trend there...

We kept on wandering, following the GPS towards what we thought was the house but we ended up in Old Town Square.  This place has been in movies, I just know it.  The old world charm of all the cobblestone everywhere, the two churches (one with an atomic clock), multiple restaurants and bars all lining the giant square where cars are not allowed was evident.  There were hundreds of people watching the atomic clock and waiting for the hour to strike so that they could see the apostles peek out, people sitting in the middle of the square in groups all over, just hanging out and many people at little bistro tables at the bars and pubs with seating outside so that you could enjoy the cooler night air.

Today's observations:

  • It's somewhat stinky in several areas of the city, maybe it has to do with the heat
  • Night sky makes a romantic city
  • I got a video of an awesome hologram fashion show in the window of this designer
  • Speaking of designers, there are many gorgeous dresses and garments in the windows of all these fabulous fashion designers
  • Cobblestone everywhere, don't think it's a good idea to wear heels as the cobblestone tends to follow the curve of the land, and there are unexpected dips everywhere
  • The cobblestone didn't stop this one woman from wearing sky high stilettos, I took a photo of them - they were beautiful but way too high for me.

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