Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Time in the city

Zurich Final day 8.9.15 (8 Sept 2015)

Today's my last day in Zurich.  My friend had a full day at school, so after finishing packing my stuff I set out to go into the city center to see a little more and explore.  I walked around the city, just wandering really.  I discovered some art, some little hideaway boutiques, an archeological dig, a super old square, new fancy stores, the Rodeo Drive of Zurich and of course more of what's around the river.  I discovered a chocolate shop, Lindt's big building, beautiful jewelry and of course exquisite watches (after all, I am in Switzerland!). I decided to take the tram to Zurich University and get a feel for the campus - there's something really cool about being on a college campus, especially as old as this one is.  Across the street a little further down was the school Einstein went to, what's there now is no doubt different from what he saw when he went there.

It was a laid back day but fun all the same :)


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