Saturday, September 12, 2015

The bittersweet end to a wonderful whirlwind vacation

Rome ~ Final farewell

I decided to walk along the forums that I visited my first night, to see them during the day.  It was beautiful to see them in the daylight, with so much more than what I saw at night.  I wander through each section, taking more photos and learning more about the area.  I walk across the street and view those forums on that side, see the roman forums I took a tour of and wander back to the hotel to catch my ride to the hotel.  Farewell Rome!

Frankfurt & On my way home
Unfortunately, this layover is only a couple of hours, not quite long enough to go out to the city and explore.  I do spend most of my time wandering through the airport and getting the last of the goodies I'll bring back for my work colleagues.  

My flight was uneventful and I got home at a reasonable hour.  I slept for about 36 hours straight though once I did go to sleep.  Good thing I came home with enough time to do that!

So long Europe... It was a wonderful beginning to more visits in the future!


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