Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tattoos and sleep

Day 7

Today was the day Ashley was to get her tattoo.  She got up early and made her way to get some cash out, then on to the tattoo place.  She had a design already decided on, and worked with the artist to make it what she wanted.  She was well underway on her tattoo by the time I woke up, as my allergies to all the dust was really taking it's toll on me.  About 1pm Ashley texts me, then again at 2pm.  The second was urging me to wake up, as she needed me to go get some cash so that she could leave soon.  When I finally got up, I got ready and then grabbed some Czech cash around the corner so that she could pay her artist.

Ashley's new tattoo is beautiful and bigger than originally anticipated.  It sits on the inside of her arm before her elbow.  It's traditional black ink, and represents all the choices that are available and the fact that she has to remember her core values when faced with them.  She originally wanted to do a smaller version on the inside of her wrist, but upon talking with the artist she chose to make it a little larger.

Ashley and I enjoyed a nice lunch around the corner from the tattoo shop at the Irish pub that we visited a couple of days ago and hung out until the place closed.  The weather was beautiful and it was nice spending time with her for awhile.  After lunch, we headed back to the apartment to catch up with Jared.  We decided to make today a mellow day and save our energy for tomorrow, our last day in Prague.  We hung out at the apartment for the rest of the day save for the evening dinner in the square again.

Today's observations:

  • Directions in Prague is not too easy to stick to.  GPS always gets lost
  • My allergies are so incredibly awful these days, the building the apartment is in is being resurfaced
  • Prague doesn't smell so great in quite a few areas

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