Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Strahov, Old Books and amazing history

Day 6...

Finally... It wasn't so freaking hot!

Ashley and I wanted to see one of the most celebrated historical places in Prague, the Strahov Library.  We took the subway then the tram to get up to the Monastery, which is situated on a hill kind of far from our apartment.  Since it wasn't 90+ outside we gladly took the time to be outside.

This place is fascinating.  It's inside of the Strahov Monastery, originally built in 1143.  The caretakers have collected some of the most amazing volumes of books ever printed and some of them are on display.  The oldest book we could see was from 860AC.  We saw books, weapons, chain mail, beautiful woodwork in the hall leading up to two extraordinary rooms that are awe-inspiring.

The Front Area
This area houses some select books, dating back to 860AC.  They are displayed behind glass, so that you cannot touch them but only view.  Near the books is another cabinet, housing stuffed small animals like turtles and a prehistoric dinosaur looking thing, butterflies and war memorbilia.  As you walk towards the library rooms, you see another cabinet with gifts that were given to the monks from dignitaries from around the world.

The Long Walkway
This area was lined on both sides with exquisite wood cabinets, each amazingly beautiful, but not all filled with any exhibits.  One of the cabinets had some more books, and another had more domestic artifacts such as china and glassware.

The Theological Hall
This is the older of the two halls.  This one was Baroque style, created in 1670.  A supremely ornate ceiling graces this hall, with beautiful paintings in between.  The floor is a gorgeous combination of woods in a beautiful pattern.  This library is so beautiful.

The Philosophical Hall
This is the newer of the two halls. Built in the last quarter of the 18th century, this hall is clearly more modern.  Gone are the 3d ornate sections, but in its place is an amazingly magnificent group of paintings that are simply stunning.  This library is huge as well!

The grounds
There is this really ornate gate down the way from the library that was fantastic.  Gold trimmed metal, this is a gorgeous gate.
The view from the hill is amazing.  We walked along the side of the monastery where there is now a restaurant and got killer view photos.

We caught up with Jared at the apartment and all went out to dinner in the Old Town Square, our seemingly new favorite spot.  We went to a new to us place near the atomic clock, a wonderful Italian restaurant.  We enjoyed a scrumptious Italian meal and wonderful ice cream desserts.  Yum!


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