Sunday, August 30, 2015

Holy Moly... Another unbearably hot day?!

Day 3

As with the first day here, we were up until very late last night, so we didn't rouse today until around 3pm.  Today Ashley wanted to find this tattoo shop she had researched because she had decided she wanted a tattoo in Prague.  We took our time getting ready 'again' and went to old town to get some food first.  We sat down at this Irish Pub outside and ordered some food and beer (well those two ordered beer, I had water).  We all tried something outside of our sphere of food knowledge - Ashley and I trying Irish sandwiches and Jared trying Bangers and Mash.  We ended up spending the entire afternoon/evening/night at that pub, drinking beer/cider/water and chatting with several different people around us.

There was this group of three people at a table near us, two guys and one woman.  One man orders this giant beer in this giant glass, and there seems to be no way he is going to finish this gigantic beer today by himself.  His friend orders an abnormally tall large beer, and has even more of a difficult time to finish.

We see this group of grown men all in different costumes, Robin, Banana Man, the Joker, Spider Man and Flash Gordan to name a few.  Turns out they are from England and are celebrating a 'Stag' party - the English version of a Bachelor party.  The big brothers of the groom told everyone to dress up as their favorite superhero.  The groom didn't have a costume, so the brothers and friends dressed the groom up as a woman, with a dress, a wig, lipstick and pumps.  They were hilarious.  One of the older brothers sat with us for a few minutes and talked with us before joining the group.  They stayed at the pub almost as long as we did.

We also met two Westminster chaps sitting at the table next to us and for the next 6+ hours commenced discussions about almost every subject under the sun.  Both of our new friends were Tennis instructors back home, and both of them were friends for the better part of 18 years.  The older friend was my age, and the other was about 7 years younger.  The one that was my age, Daniel I think his name was, had two hearing aids in (has had his loss since birth) was originally from Ireland and spoke like an Irishman, super fast and very difficult to understand.  He had been to America before.  The younger friend (I cannot remember his name for the life of me) had not been to America before, but is saving to go visit someday.  We hung out, drank, chatted and then danced with them later in the night.  We learned some Irish dancing!

We also met a couple of in training Doctors from Turkey that were on holiday from school and touring Europe during their time off.  They were great sports and were out on the dance floor dancing too for awhile.  We chatted with them for a bit, they were really eager to meet new people and practice English :)

Today's observations:
  • Stag parties are really elaborate here in Prague
  • Cobblestone does radiate heat
  • Kirkwood cider is a very good apple-like cider
  • Irish dancing at times is kind of like square dancing
  • Some Irish music is similar to 'Folk' music
  • Westminister blokes are hilarious
  • Sometimes it's really nice to just hang out in one place and chat and drink
  • Ashley never made it to the Tattoo place today, she tried but she got lost the first time and the second time she went another way and found it, but they were closed
  • Outdoor beer gardens offer a ton of free entertainment 
  • Prague really seems like Europe's 'Vegas'...
  • At the very end of the night when the pub was closing we spoke with a young guy that had the most interesting English accent, different from the Westminister guys or the Stag party guys, but it was so intriguing to hear him talk

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