Friday, September 4, 2015

Bridges and Palaces

Day 8..

Today we all woke up refreshed after our easy day yesterday and decided to take a look at some items that we hadn't had a chance to see yet.  We made a plan and headed out early (well 10am is early for Prague :) )...  First up, fuel for the day.

For our first meal of the day, of course we headed to our favorite square to find a place to eat.  We came across this street act of this guy with his face painted white and in a baby suit.  He squeaked baby noises and moved his baby body around with such silliness.  A little girl maybe 3 years old came up to him with a lollipop in one hand and the baby man motioned to her to come closer.  He wanted her lollipop but she put the baby's pacifier back in his mouth.  It was precious.  As we moved around the square we discovered another bagpiper with his band and watched them for a bit of time as well.  We ended up getting lunch next to the Irish pub at the British bar/restaurant.  

We meandered our way toward the water and found ourselves on the famed St. Charles Bridge.  The bridge itself is somewhat narrow, paved the entire length with cobblestone.  There are several sculptures on both sides of the bridge along the span, and there are vendors on both sides of the bridge bringing the actual pedestrian traffic to the center with a narrow space.  There are magnificent views of the Prague Castle from that bridge, and there are two tower gates, at the beginning and the end of the bridge.  When we got off the bridge and went through the second tower, we were immediately brought back into an older era, with a narrow street and buildings on both sides.  It almost felt like a movie set, it was surreal.  We made our way to the Wallenstein Palace where the Czech Senate meets and the nearby Valdstejnska Zahrada gardens.  This place is enormous and beautiful.

After the tour of the palace grounds we headed back into an interesting looking street to make our way back across the river.  Along the way we came across an upright piano chained to a building as part of Prague's pianos in the public program, more palaces and interesting buildings.  We had a quick dinner at a little pizza and snack place, and then enjoyed drinks at the Irish pub to round out the evening.

Observations today:

  • We saw three brides and grooms that day in the square.  Apparently Friday is a popular day to get married in Prague
  • There's a lot of dust in Prague right now.  My allergies have been atrocious and I'm happy to move away from this
  • Mercedes Prague Fashion Week is this week, red carpet, huge mirror ball and models everywhere - it's been exciting
  • Walking on cobblestone is hard on your feet and legs - it's really not fun

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