Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Prenzlaur Berg

Day 5

We stayed close to the apartment today, walking around the 'hood shopping.  Turns out going the other way we have been going uncovered a lively several streets and wonderful little shops.  We started off by going to this Pho place we've seen along the way home for some lunch.  Ashley tried the duck fried rice, I had a Pho shrimp, and Jared had a chicken curry.  It was great!

Along our walk we came across a young boy of about maybe 10 years old carrying an accordion.  About a half an hour later we heard him play it and enjoyed the music.  We came across a wonderful little store called "Upcycling Deluxe" and I chatted with the owner for a bit.  She makes hats from the coffee bean bags, and she trades with women owned business around the world for other recycled product useful items.  She was fantastic and her shop is definitely recommended if you are ever on the hunt for some great upcycled bags, hats, jewelry, belts and more.

Further down the street we came across a boutique of all made in Berlin clothing, accessories and jewelry for both men and women.  Really neat little place.

We saw lots of interesting little shops, eatery's and dessert places along our route, and even picked up a few fun things. 

Jared was on the hunt for some new shoes, and after walking the streets near our place and checking a few places out, we decided to go tot he Galleria back at Alexanderplatz.  We found another street performer, this time another bagpiper with a drummer, some sidewalk chalk artists and another full square to enjoy after finding some shoes.

We headed back to the apartment to eat at the same place we ate at the first night in town.  We enjoyed a great meal and then had some shots of Mampe (J and A) along with beer and a shot of Berlin Air.  Our waitress was a little firecracker from Italy.  She was great, partaking in shots with us. 

Today's observations:
  • I really like the shops within the residence areas, it's different than anywhere I've been in the US. 
  • So many people are from around the world here
  • Mampe to me tastes like cough syrup but Ashley loves the stuff
  • Clocks are seriously everywhere.  No excuse for not knowing the time!

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