Monday, August 24, 2015

Fernsehtrum und Alexanderplatz

Day 3

This morning I was up early again, but went back to sleep because everyone else was sleeping.  We all got going in the early afternoon, and decided to go to AlexanderPlatz, a famous area in Berlin.  The day started with coffee (not me of course, A and J) from the nearby coffee shop. 

We went across the main street today to explore new to us eating establishments.  We found a few restaurants near each other, so we split up and got what we wanted and ate outside between the two establishments.  Jared got Currywurst, and Ashley and I got Sushi and Tempura/Yakitori respectively.  I have to say Japanese food in Germany has a very different taste.  They fuse different spices than I've ever tasted in Yakitori, and the Tempura was NOT like tempura at home or in Japan.

AlexanderPlatz is huge.  With large office and shop buildings surrounding a giant square, streetcars, a train station above and below ground and a giant structure called the ' ' that allows tourists to view the city from high above with a 360 degree view.  We decided we would do the 360 view at night, so we could see all the lights, and then broke apart for me to shop, the other two to enjoy their Starbucks and hang out.  There is a giant 'TK Maxx' store - exactly like a 'TJ Maxx' that is three stories high with all kinds of stuff. I walked through it but didn't find anything I had to have (yes, even the shoe section).  I walked around the building and checked out the 'Shoe City' store which is two stories and discovered brands I had no idea existed.  It was really fun to see the new to me brands.  I didn't see anything I had to own, so I met up with the other two and we walked outside of the square into the surrounding area.  We discovered a fantastic organic juice bar and I had a delicious berry juice that was so incredibly fresh and bursting with flavor.

We discovered an old gothic church that was one of the few structures that made it through the war - build in the early 14th century, a Humboldt University building, another old church built in the 1300's and restored in the early 2000's and the Mitte district (this place is like Rodeo drive in LA).  The churches were amazing, you could see some of the by hand scraping that was done on the brick. 

We wandered back from the Mite district and discovered some really fun graffiti, minions, political statements, funny images and a sculpture.  It was fun to view all of this.

The night ended with a trip up in the Fernsehturm  (TV Tower) to view Berlin from all directions.  When we got into the elevator, the guide asks everyone first about the language, German or English.  Jared was in the middle of the elevator.  When the guide asked about the language, all of the people in the elevator except for Jared said Deutsch, and the guide asked Jared 'How does it feel to be surrounded by an elevator full of Germans'?  There was a pause and everyone laughed.  This attraction has so much information on every direction along with what other cities around the world that are in that same direction.

Today's observations:
  • Clocks clocks everywhere are clocks...  Berlin does not have a shortage of them
  • Krishna indian restaurant near us - shout out to my friend Krishna!
  • There are like 7 U station entrances in AlexanderPlatz, the U we need is always wayyy far away from where we go underground
  • The 'Public Toilet' setup is pretty cool, you pay 50 cents but the place is immaculate thanks to the attendant that works down there
  • Oh yes, and Toilette's are always downstairs
  • There is always music somewhere in AlexanderPlatz

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