Sunday, May 27, 2018

Seattle Adventures

For Memorial day, I thought it would be fun to see Seattle in a very different way.  I found a fun article outlining 97 quirky things in Seattle to see or do, so I went through it and noted those that I had never done or had no idea about.  It was a fun adventurous day, I'll take you through the highlights.

I left from the Hilton downtown, and the walk to the bus station was very easy especially since it was all downhill.  The day was a beautiful, a perfect 70 degrees and clear bright blue skies.  I walked down a few blocks and across the street to the bus stop.  As I walked down the hill, the view of the water was so incredibly beautiful and peaceful. 

I was able to purchase my bus ticket using the Transit Go app in just a few minutes and without cash! It only took a few minutes before the bus was at my stop and I was on my way. The drive was about 30 minutes long, through the city and then out along Lake Union.  There were so many seaplanes taking off and landing so frequently along the lake, it's a miracle they stay out of each others way.

The first stop was to get some lunch at "Cafe Turko".  It's a short walk from the bus stop, and the place is easy to find.  There's a sign outside that marks the spot, and once inside there is no mistaking that you have stepped into an authentic Turkish restaurant with gorgeous colors and wonderful artifacts all over on the walls.

Second stop, a section of the Berlin wall.  It's right around the corner from the cafe, so it's super easy to get to.  Apparently, this section was brought over by some Seattle residents and was in a museum for awhile before the establishment closed.  It was moved to it's current location and is anchored in the sidewalk.  It didn't have the same feel as other areas of the wall I saw in Berlin, but I'm glad a piece of it is here in the states and people can see just how thick it was.  

Third stop, up the hill to the Fremont Troll.  This hill is kind of long and a little steep.  I got about 3/4 up the hill and had to stop and catch my breath before finishing the last 1/4 to get there.  I felt my glutes on that hike!  The Fremont Troll was created in 1990 by four artists: Steve Badanes, Will Martin, Donna Walter, and Ross Whitehead and is built from a VW bug base.  Lots of people here taking pictures with the troll, it's kind of crowded there after lunch.

Fourth stop, statue of Lennon from Czechoslovakia.  A Seattle resident who used to live there found out that the statue was about to be melted and didn't want the work of art to go to scrap.  So he gathered up 41k and had it brought to Seattle in 1990.  It took some time before the statue landed where it is today, but now locals regard it as just an artwork, never mind the political symbolism it embodies.

Walking down the hill and across the way to the rocket we go.  This 1950s cold war remnant was on display at an Army Surplus in Belltown, but In 1991 it was going to be dismantled.  The Fremont Business Association officials were able to acquire it and brought it to Fremont.  They rounded up some people to put it back together and it took a few years before they completed the mission.  It was erected on the top of a building and bears Fremont's crest on it.

Next: the center of the universe.  Yes you heard that right.  Back in the 70s there was a group of people who felt that spot was the center of the Universe, and in 1994 the Metro King County Council made it so.  I found the sign on a little traffic island at the intersection of N Fremont Ave & N 35th street. It also points visitors to multiple other local landmarks, as well as famous ones.

That night I checked out some funky blues at a little club and had a great time listening and dancing.  It was a fantastic weekend!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Last Night in Jamaican Paradise

This was my last full day in town, and with that came the last night.  Most of the day was rainy again, but I didn't let that keep me out of the water.  The Wild Orchid Preferred side beach has a bunch of marine life to hang out with, I had to spend more time with them.  I had lunch at my favorite Seaside Grill overlooking the water - even in the rain the ocean is so incredible.  After spending time with the fishies, I stepped out for another fantastic meal at the Mexican Cantina and topped the night at the showroom and music lounge.  I watched some traditional Jamaican dancing, Fire breathing and fire dancing, Reggae dancing and limbo with this guy that had to not have bones.  Check out the videos on my YouTube for more of all of that.  It was the best thing to do on a rainy evening.


  • I need to find out when the best time is to come back to Jamaica - this time at the Zoetry resort where everything is elevated even more!
  • June is the start of the rainy season... but that's ok - you don't get lush green gorgeousness without some rain!
  • The people of Jamaica are very friendly and very nice.  I didn't meet anyone that was otherwise.
  • I will hunt down more Reggae music - I enjoyed listening and dancing to it very much :)
  • Maybe scuba might be something I would really get into - snorkeling is so much fun and I love being in the water (minus the jellyfish, those aren't so fun)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fired up Thursday

Today I felt better, but the weather was blah all day long.  This was a rain day all day long.  I only got out twice... once to go for my 80 minute free massage and post massage hydro therapy session (Holy moly those are intense - alternate hot and cold drench sessions in a variety of ways), and again at the end of the day to do a little snorkeling and then go to dinner.  Otherwise I was in my room getting room service, talking with the girls on snapchat and watching marathon shows on DirectTV.  Not much happened today.  I did, however, join the showroom after dinner to watch the band play for awhile and then watch people compete for a free vacation in a talent show - watch my YouTube for the videos :)


  • The Italian restaurant serves a delicious Ravioli here...
  • It sure can pour here, such downpours all day

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Blah Wednesday

Today I woke up feeling horrible.  I was lucky that the weather outside wasn't great either.  I spent most of the day in my room either sleeping or watching television as I wasn't fit to go outside.  I did finally venture out for a small walk at sunset, which was nice to see a beautiful scene and breathe some fresh air.  I had reservations at the Japanese "Benihana" style restaurant and I didn't want to miss out on my chance to watch a Jamaican chef ham it up, so I made it.  Turned out to be a very wonderful meal :)  On my way back to my room I noticed there was a band playing, so I stopped in there and listened to a band play for awhile.  It was all in all a very low key but nice day even though I wasn't feeling my best.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tuesday Travel Day!

Today I ventured out of the resort and went down the island to Negril, about 4 hours away.  The drive down is slow and full of many things to see, and the area itself is definitely recommended if you are ever in the area.  In Negril, there is a 7 mile beach of super soft white sand set against the bright green-turquoise water of the Carribean.  It is breathtaking.  Along this beach are several resorts, and it's obvious the main industry here is absolutely hospitality.  The resorts range from small cottage properties with a few cottages to the huge Sandals all-inclusive resorts that take over large portions of the beach.

I went snorkeling in the sea, whisked out by an expert in a glass bottom boat and encountered a thriving reef with so many different fish out there I lost count.  I took my new cheaper version of the "go-pro" camera out with me and I hope I got some great footage.  I'll upload it to my youtube account in case you'd like to take a look :).

I enjoyed a little souvenir shopping in town, finding my ring for the trip, Larimar and crystal beauty in white gold.  Then we stopped at Ricks Cafe, a popular destination from land and sea where the locals jump off high cliffs, and tourists jump off of the shorter cliffs into the stunning green sea.  The cafe features unprecedented views of the ocean.  I enjoyed watching the dolphins playing not far from us, and watching the party catamarans sail near the cliffs and people jumping off to swim to the stairs so they can enjoy dinner on the cliffs and drinks.

Need more??? Follow this link for more pictures...

Monday, May 30, 2016

Hi... I'm Monday....

Today was spent in the water pretty much all day after the morning rain... I don't have many photos to share today.  The beach along both St. James and Wild Orchid is marked off for swimming and has differences depending on where you are.  Along the Wild Orchid Preferred area, there is a Getty that often holds candlelight dinners in the evening, and the feeling of being out in the water.  Toward the middle, there is a very sandy area and then an area full of sea grass.  Along the St. James area, this is popular for people to just stand in the water with their drinks and talk for hours and hours.  To the far right is the St. James Preferred side, and it is largely empty without anyone swimming in it.  Today I spent most of my time in the middle, swimming around with my snorkeling gear (minus the fins).  The water is a perfect temperature, and there were a few interesting fish and plants to check out.  It was a nice relaxing day :)

Dinner tonight was at the Seaside Grill, overlooking the pool and Ocean beyond at sunset.  It was simply stunning.  I went out into Montego Bay this evening and visited a local bar for a short while which was fun, then on to bed so that I could be up early for my travel day tomorrow!